Leafy Sea Dragon

Phycodurus eques

Not to be mistaken by its close relative, the weedy sea dragon, this special fish is found around the tropical/coastal waters of South and West Australia. They are actually a very close relative to the seahorse! The leafy sea dragon is a master of camouflage. Despite having a few predators, it is able to hide itself quite easily because of its “leaf like” spines/fins that it has amongst the sea plants.

These are also carnivorous, which is surprising giving that they are so small in size. They use their snouts to suck their prey into their toothless mouth!


“The tail of a male leafy sea dragon will turn bright yellow when he is ready to mate.” ~National Geographic

“Sea dragons are completely independent upon hatching. The young feed on the remaining yolk sac and then graduate to consuming zooplankton.” ~Sea World


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