Well here’s an animal you don’t usually hear about everyday. The narwhal, Latin name Monodon monocerus, is a part of the “white whales” family being one of just the two species. The other is the beluga whale. However, being as though they don’t have the tusks like the males do, female and children narwhals can be mistaken as their cousins, the Beluga but only being a tad bit darker.
They live on the Arctic Ocean and the surrounding waters and they eat large fish and also squid that live near or on the bottom. They also have some predators like the Orca and Polar bear. The Narwhal is also threatened with extinction as quoted on Oceana.org:

“Conservation scientists consider the Narwhal to be near threatened with extinction. Climate change is causing rapid changes to the Arctic ecosystem that affect Narwhal habitat, and chemical pollution in the Arctic is particularly bad, risking the health of large predators like Narwhals. These whales are hunted, legally, by the indigenous peoples of Greenland and northern Canada, but this ongoing hunt is not generally thought to threaten the species. Climate change is likely a more significant threat to Narwhal populations, though further research is necessary before accurate predictions can be made.”

To help further research and to help Ocean.org with saving the Narwhal from extinction,  Click here to donate!


Sources: Oceana


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